Review: Homesick James - The Last Of The Broomdusters

Post Elmore James era recognizes three great slide blues guitar players: J.B. Hutto, Hound dog Taylor and Homesick James. The latter was cousin of great Elmore James from whom he studied slide guitar but later developed easily distinguishable, his own, unique style of playing.

Listener notices uniqueness from the first chord. No noise, no long and tiring guitar solos here. Homesick's slide is calm, blues is floating here. No unnecessary note is plaid and among 11 compositions there is no song leaving boundaries of pure blues. I've listened to this album dozens of times and noticed that every time I want to listen to particular song, I can't do it and listen to whole album. Yes, that's the mesmerizing blues of maestro Homesick James who by the time of recording this album was 87 years old. True legend. I love this guy! You must have this album, he must have this album and she must have this album. Everybody must have this album...

Released on Fedora in 1998.

Track List

1. Early One Morning
2. Long Tall Woman
3. Kissin' in the Dark
4. Rockin' and Rollin'
5. Sugar Mama 
6. Shake Your Money Maker
7. Thought I Heard My Baby Call My Name
8. Truck Drivin' Woman 
9. Married Woman 
10. Crutch and Cane 
11. Medley: Woman I'm Lovin'/Two Days Before Christmas