Clifton Chenier To Receive Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award

Pride of Louisiana, late great Clifton Chenier will be honored at 2014 Grammy’s with Lifetime Achievement Award, highest honor from Grammy’s.


Dubbed the King of Zydeco, Clifton Chenier is the first person to ever play the blues on accordion and is second creole (after Queen Ida) to receive Grammy. He started his recording career in early 1950s with Clifton’s Blues for Elko Records. After first hit "Ay 'Tite Fille (Hey, Little Girl)" was released Chenier started touring extensively becoming usual act at festival circuits.


Eventually he became international artist whose popularity was growing permanently and approached the pick in 1980s. This is the time when he received Grammy Awards for his album, I’m Here.


Clifton Chenier is also known for creating frottoir, washboard like instrument hanging from shoulders. He was also the first act to perform at opening of famous Antone’s Club in Austin, TX in 1975.


Chenier’s later years were ruined with diabetes and associated kidney disease. Subsequently he had foot amputated and required dialysis once every three days. Despite this, he still managed to go on stage and perform delivering high class music to the audience.


Clifton Chenier’s legacy was extended by his son, C.J. Chenier and another acclaimed creole musician, whom he served as a mentor and influence, Buckwheat Zydeco, a Grammy winning artist on his own.


Chenier truly deserves higher recognition and little golden gramophone will harden his place in American musical history.